Show Sundries

Lapel Badges
  • Printed with the name of your show/event
  • Secured with a pin cord or combi grip.
  • Hotfoil printed as standard in either gold or silver
  • Colour printing available price on application
  • Stock titles available included in the price below.
  • Personalized over printing available price on application

                        Size and Shape               Price

                   2" Diam                                 .38p

                  25/8" Diam                             .42p

                     Oval                                     .48p

                    Sheild                                    .50p

                2" Satin Tails                             .10p

  Size and Shape               Price

               2"                                .38p

        25/8" Diam                         .42p                              pictures to follow shortly

            Oval                                .48p

           Sheild                               .50p

       2" Satin Tails                        .10p


  • Competitor Numbers with Black Tapes   99 x 208mm       £10.55
  • Pen Numbers                                         90 x 127mm       £5.75
  • Cattle Numbers                                      160 x 233mm     £12.85
  • Bridle Numbers                                      90mm                £11.93
  • Dog Numbers                                         100 x 108mm     £6.82

          Judges books, and laminated numbers are available on request